About Us

Our vision is to be a reckoning force through prompt and accurate coverage of news and events that cut across race. We value all news that promotes positive and a medium of inspiration to all.

CityPlus Magazine under the company name CityPlus Concept is a brain child of Prince Ayo Adegboye a foremost media guru, award wining, entrepreneur, investor and activist. CityPlus Magazine was first published in the year 2012 under the company name North South Development as a joint venture with Briton who came as an investor to the country.
The magazine over the years have evolved through many stages and have done more in promoting the grass root people through our monthly publication.

CityPlus Magazine over the years have promoted almost all the artisan and trade groups in the southwest. We have also worked with the authority of private schools owner under the umbrella of AFED, again the southwest Real Estate Authority have benefited form our media experience and not forgetting the major religious body whom we have promoted from the scratch to and enormous position and all this make us a leading force In the soft sell sector of the nation’s media industry.

Our Audience
Our audience are the grassroot, middle and upper middle class

Our Reach
Our reach cut across all associations, religious bodies, real estate practitioners and the general public.